Dog Has Blood In Stool


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dog has blood in stool

R.I.P. Oreo

R.I.P. Oreo
I hope you lot don’t mind if I use Flickr as a blog just for now as a place for me to vent.

It’s sad that this is the last photo I took of my dog, Oreo.

Oreo started out as a goldfish, well not literally that’d be witchcraft! Many many MANY years ago my father took my eldest sister, Sharlyn, to the pet store one day after class to buy a goldfish. When they returned home we saw the goldfish was black & white and had fur! Lo and behold with the magic of persuasion the goldfish became a half shih tzu / half poodle puppy. Since his fur was black and white, we named him Oreo.

Oreo wasn’t like your typical small puppy. He was a fighter! He loved to provoke dogs that were 3x bigger than him, though thankfully he never got into a fight since we were always there to restrain him. Not only was he tough against other dogs, he was tough all around. This past January he was diagnosed with perennial hernia. Due to his age the doctors said that he would have a 50/50 chance of survival if he went under surgery. We took the risk and he came out A-OK and was back to his jolly self! When we thought all was well a couple of months later the same thing happened and again we were given the 50/50 risk. We gambled and still went on with the surgery and Oreo once again came out fine and looked like he didn’t even go through surgery. The doctors even said that we gave him 2 more years to live. Sad to say, it wasn’t a guarantee.

A couple of weeks ago, Oreo started feeling ill again. He wasn’t eating, his stool was wet and had blood, and he’d stumble over when he’s on all fours. We brought him to the doctors again and he had hookworms in his system. How he got it, the doc says it can happen to any dog and anywhere. Having hookworms resulted in him becoming anemic so he underwent a blood transfusion to counter it. We had to leave him for a few days to recover and one day while the doc was giving Oreo meds, Oreo suffered a heart attack. The reason? He was nervous taking his meds. Fortunately he was revived and we brought him home so he could recover in comfort.

Initially when we brought him home he wasn’t feeling like his old self. He was asleep the whole day, wasn’t eating his dog food and wouldn’t even kiss (lick) me. We gave him meds and day after day we saw drastic improvement in his condition! One day our cook was making Sinigang (sour soup with beef) for lunch and Oreo was there looking at her and he must’ve smelled the aroma of the food and he had that look; "Hey, that smells delicious!". That solved our Oreo was not eating problem. We even experimented leaving him two bowls of food, one had Sinigang and one had his dog food and surprise surprise he didn’t eat the dog food but would devour a second serving of Sinigang in a heartbeat.

I woke up early this morning, had some breakfast and played with Oreo. After spending some time with him, he looked tired and he headed back to his bed. I can’t believe that those were the last few moments that I would spend with him. Since I woke up early, I decided to go back to bed and sleep at around 9:00 in the morning. A little more than half an hour later my older sister, Michelle, enters my bedroom telling me that Oreo has passed away. Me going back to sleep to get more rest, and Oreo goes to sleep as well to rest forever. What a shitty coincidence.

I can feel that our home is now emptier. Everytime I’d arrive home from somewhere Oreo was always there waiting out front or in the kitchen barking to call my attention so that we could play. I’ll miss that a lot. He loved it when I’d rub his chin and belly then he’d automatically lay on his back and make me rub his belly some more. For a dog who was almost 13 years old, he sure acted like puppy.

I guess it’s time to move but I still haven’t fully accepted that he’s gone and I will truly miss him. I love you buddy.

Vaya con Dios!
Auf Widersehen Oreo!

10/26/1997 – 9/25/2010

The Blue Prince

The Blue Prince
Blue, my roommates puppy.

She got Blue when he was only 6 weeks old. That’s too young but his mom stopped feeding him and the owners just wanted to get rid of them. He was also the runt of the litter.

She texted me one day when she was at work asking if he was okay because she had a bad feeling. I assured her nothing was wrong. Then I got worried that he was breathing funny and he was twitching too much in his sleep, but then he woke up and seemed perfectly fine so I told myself I just got worked up because of what she had said. Overnight, he got so sick my roommate thought he was going to die. In the morning, he went to the vet and stayed overnight. They thought it was just a regular virus and got him an IV and he seemed better. In the morning, they found blood in his stool and a quick test later, determined it was parvovirus. He didn’t have any of the regular symptoms, except mild diarrhea, but that could be the result of a new environment and good. He was still well enough to come home that afternoon, but they had to disinfect the whole place, quite the process.

He’s a miracle puppy. He survived parvovirus, which has about an 80% mortality rate in treated dogs. We have no idea how he got it. It’s possible he had it when she got him, or we could have tracked in in on our boots. It is transferred through feces, but can live in soil for up to a year, if not more. It is also possible for the mother to pass it on to her pups.

However the next day, he seemed weak again and wasn’t eating or drinking, so he stayed one more night. He only needed one IV and then came home the next day. The vet said that with parvovirus, it used to be that as soon as you got them stable, they’d be fine, but now a pup can seem perfectly fine and go downhill again, it can kind of come and go.

It can take dogs months to recover from parvovirus. One person even told me that even if he survived, he would have lasting disabilities. That day, this dog was wild! Couldn’t sit still, just wanted to play! Very tiring, but so wonderful. You’d never guess him to be sick.

He just finished up his round of medication, and we’re still keeping a close eye on him, but it looks like he’s going to be just fine.

I love this puppy, he’s awesome.